How Can Realtor Reviews Help Me?

It may surprise some people to learn that finding a good real estate agent or agency sometimes comes down to reading realtor reviews. Many people assume that reviews are only relevant for finding out which movie to watch at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in downtown San Antonio or deciding between which airline to use for your next vacation. But that isn’t the case!

Realtor reviews are a fantastic source of information regarding real estate agencies and their realtors, and they can come in many forms, whether it’s word-of-mouth from your group of friends, or online reviews by past customers. The following are just some examples of how realtor reviews can help you and many other interested parties in choosing your realtor:

  • Quality Check: Reading reviews about your real estate agent candidates can help you check if the quality of their work is above board. When finding your dream home, it’s very important that you work with a realtor whom you trust, and realtor reviews can help you find a trustworthy realtor.
  • Skeletons in the Closet: While this is a worst-case scenario, it’s still a possibility that must be considered. Some realtors have been known to cheat their clients by charging ridiculous fees or lying about any structural defects in the newfound home that he or she has peddled to them. Realtor reviews can help you weed out any of these kinds of realtors.
  • Prices, prices, and prices: Although you will obviously find out the realtor’s fees, and discuss your price range by the first meeting, researching any realtor reviews can save you the trouble of having a face-to-face meeting, as some reviews have been known to mention the realtor’s fees already.
  • Reviews Beget Experience & Vice Versa: Typically, a more experienced realtor will have more reviews from their past clients. Just by checking the number of realtor reviews about one particular agent may tell you all you have to know about their level of experience.

Using Realtor Reviews to Find the Perfect Home

I’ve shown you how realtor reviews can help you. Now, the question is – can they help you find your dream house? The answer is a resounding yes! From checking realtor reviews, you can find the agent for your exact needs, which is already half the battle.

After finding an agent whom you can trust, the next step is giving your agent your specifications. You’ve no doubt checked the realtor reviews thoroughly at this point, so your agent will most likely have the exact listings that you’ve been looking for in their arsenal, which will shorten the process even more!

After that, the rest is as easy as pie, and finding the right agent and house has probably never felt so easy! Checking realtor reviews – in and of itself – cannot find your dream house. But it can make the process of finding your agent or agency of choice much easier, saving loads of stress and time from meeting with several agents and agencies.

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